About Country-Music-Euro-Masters

Die erste Countrymusic-Europameisterschaften unter dem Namen „Country Music Euro Masters  haben stattgefunden.

Nach mehrjährigen Überlegungen schuf Greg Williams die Country Music Euro Masters um den Stellenwert der europäischen Countrymusik anzuheben.

Viele glauben, Countrymusic ist nur dann besonders gut, wenn sie aus den USA kommt. Wir hingegen sind davon überzeugt, dass es auch in Europa eine große Anzahl von Künstlern und Bands gibt, die zumindest mit den Kollegen aus den USA mithalten können, wenn nicht sogar teilweise besser sind als so mancher US-Star…

Die Europameisterschaft soll somit eine Plattform bieten, bei der sich Solisten oder Bands einem breiten Publikum präsentieren können und auch die Chance haben von Major-Labels entdeckt zu werden.

Auch bietet die „COUNTRY MUSIC EURO MASTERS“ den Musikfans die Möglichkeit eine breite Palette nicht nur deutscher sondern auch europäischer Musiker sehen und hören zu können.

After the first Country-Music-Euro-Masters in 2011 and 2012  we are planning to repeat this succesfull competition  in 2013. Our goal is to raise the status of the european countrymusic. Many people think countrymusic is especially on a high level if it comes from the U.S. We, however, are convinced that even in Europe are a large number of artists and bands that can compete at least with their colleagues from the U.S., if not even partly better than many U.S.-Stars…

The Country-Music-Euro-Masters  is to provide a platform for soloists and bands can showcase a wide audience and also have a chance to be discovered by major labels.

Jannet Bodewes, Winner of the Country Music Euro Masters 2011: 

Hi everyone!! I’m Jannet Bodewes. I won the Country Music Euro Masters 2011 and thought I would share a bit of what happend to me after that…. I entered the contest last year, so I would have the opportunity to be on the stage in Germany (I’m dutch) …meet some nice people…and end up with some possible gigs. Well..I did all that….I presented myself on stage, had my first gig offer even before the first nights points were in, met great people, musicians, organisers and linedancers. Being in the Euro Masters was an absolute amazing experience to me and it also helped my carreer forward a lot. I had only restarted my singing carreer a few months earlier…after a long break for personal reasons….but after the Country Music Euro Masters it really took off! It’s only been 7 months…but I’ve had several radio interviews because of it and because of more airplay I got noticed more…I had my first gig in the UK last october. I’m working on a full album with Nashville Record producer Lonnie Ratliff now, who offered me a record deal right after I got back from winning the Euro Masters. Right now I’m working on several projects…priority being my solo carreer and my album….but I also have a new band…and do some fun things on the side…like a Tammy Wynette tribute , that will take me to the UK next month… And eventhough this is not directly linked to the CMEM…I think being there, listening to well-meant advice has given me a lot of convidence as (well..winning it helped a little too….haha), so I’m really go out there now and it works!! Every singer/duo or band that is serious about being in the country music I would advise to apply and hope to take part in this 4 day event!! Only one can win the throphy,…but when it comes to getting yourself heard….get honest advice about your act and meeting people that can help you on your way…..everybody wins at the Country Music Euro Masters!!