Application form – English

Announcement Country Music Euro Masters 2013

October, 25th-27th 2012

Produced by GW Entertainment

3 different Categories are advertised:

  • Single performer
  • Duo performer and Trio performer
  • Bands (from 4 members upwards)
Application Deadline for announcement is 2013 August, 15
The European champions will be determined by the following criteria
After the deadline an independent team of judges will preselect for qualification, based on the musicians demo-tapes, which has to be sent until August, 15th. The jury at Country-Music-Euro-Masters will be consist of all together 10 jurors. For each round 5 jury-members will be chosen by lot.
Furthermore the participants of each round will also be chosen by Lot. Due to this procedure we  prevent manipulation.
In the preliminary-rounds and in the finals 3 music-titles must be performed.
The criterions for judging:
  • instrumental skills
  • Vocal skills 
  • Overall Impression
  • Performance

Each Criterion will be evaluated with 1 – 20 points. All together upto 80 points can be scored.
At the finals on sunday the top 5 Bands, the top 5 of Soloists and top 5 Trios will battle for the title.  In case of point ties an additional round will be necessary. Each singer can chose 3 titles by free choice.

Please send your demo-material to:

Greg Williams Entertainment – William Schütte – Wiesenstr. 1 – 57632 Berzhausen – Germany

After succesfull qualification you will get more information